Control Room A

Extraordinary guitar collection

Amps for days

Control Room B

The vocal room at Skyline.

Ultra low noise floor, perfect for vocals, VO, and acoustic instruments.

Neumann U87, Brauner VM1

32 channels of Neve mic pres, and 32 simultaneous inputs into Pro Tools HD.


  • Golden State Warriors commercial wins award
  • Blondie's new release "Sugar on the Side"
  • Public Enemy in the house
  • Voiceover for HBO's Vice with David Choe
  • Voiceover for BBC's World Service
  • Thomas Pridgen and The Memorials
  • Paul Bostaph tracking drums
  • Sleep Party People
  • Sam Rogers nominated for CASA award


Recording Studio

Skyline Studios is synonymous with quality inspired recording and mixing in the Oakland, East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area. Our Grammy credentialed team of experienced engineers and producers work with independent artists, record labels, ad agencies, the film industry, high tech and corporate clients on a wide variety of projects with varying budgets.
We are located in Temescal, Rockridge, North Oakland near San Francisco at the heart of the flourishing East Bay music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tracking, Overdubbing, Mixing

For independent artists and labels, we provide an extraordinary mix environment with our SSL summing mixer and outboard analog signal processing hardware, complimented by a massive collection of Pro Tools plug-ins.

TV, Radio, Video & Film Production

For our ad agency, high tech and corporate clients, we provide custom music, voiceover and sound design services for award winning radio and TV commercials. For the film industry, we provide custom music, voiceover, audio for film post production, sound effects, foley, mixing, sound design and ADR.

Great Gear & Versatile Rooms

We record to a fully loaded Pro Tools HD3 system with an extensive analog front end featuring a state of the art collection of microphones and preamps in an intuitive multi-room setup.
For live ensemble tracking, we provide flexible and creative isolation options, 32 simultaneous inputs into Pro Tools HD, with fully customizable headphone mixes.

Give us a call and let us know how we can work with you on your next project.


Vocal Tracking
Drum Tracking
Full Band Tracking
Audio Restoration
Tape Transfers
Rehearsal Space


Video Shoots
Photo Shoots
Streaming Media Encoding
DVD Authoring


Surround Mixing
Custom Music
Dialog Replacement
Sound Design
Telephone Patch